Monday, September 15, 2014

Fiction, Fragments, the Five Finger Test, and Finishing the Week with Buddy Readers.

Last week we continued to launch Reader's Workshop building our reading stamina and exploring fictional texts--both realistic and fantasy. Together, we began the historical fiction story Boom Town about a young girl faced with boredom after her family moves to California during the Gold Rush.

We also composed the first entry in our Reader Response Journals (RRJ) about Boom Town and predictions we have about how the story may end.

Our Grammar focus has been on identifying fragments and sentences. Sentences are complete thoughts that begin with capitalization and end with an appropriate end mark.

Friday marked our first visit to the school library. The Five Finger Test helped us select "just right" books.

Our Reading Record and Genre Reading Wheel will help us track the books we have read and ensure that we are balancing our reading diet to become healthy readers.

We concluded our week with sunshine and shade in the Outdoor Classroom with our first grade Buddy Readers. First graders read their Poetry journals, while we shared our "Wel "gum" to Third Grade" autobiographies.

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