As we launch Reader's Workshop, students will be learning strategies for choosing "just right" books using the I PICK acronym and the "Five Finger Rule."

In Reader's Workshop, we begin with a read aloud or mini lesson where we focus on a particular skill or strategy. In independent reading, students read in their "book nooks" around the room and apply  that skill or strategy while reading their "just right" book. Individual conferences take place at this time. Following independent reading, students work collaboratively in literacy activites and meet with me in Guided Reading groups. Here, we are reading at the student's instructional level, monitoring fluency and comprehension.

Unit 1: Fables, Folktales, Myths
            Realism/ Fantasy
            Story Elements
            Author's Purpose

Unit 2: Economy
            Making Connections
            Asking Questions

Unit 3: Problem Solving
            Determining Importance
            Main Idea

Unit 4: Nature
            Making Inferences

Unit 5: Poetry
            Infer and Visualize

Unit 6: Fighting for Freedom
           Ask Questions

I highly recommend this site (from the Morton, IL school district) that offers more than a dozen great reading comprehension games.

Click here for an interactive main idea game.

Here is another great site to practice identifying main idea.

Visit this site for practice drawing conclusions.

Practice identifying an author's purpose on this page.

Use this link for practice making inferences.

We learn spelling patterns using Words Their Way. Click here to study this week's list--hard and soft c and g.

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