There's an App for That!

In this age of technology apps are being developed almost faster than they can be discovered and installed on our devices. In an effort to foster skills for our school's vast population of digital natives, I am creating a list of apps that maintain student interest and engagement all the while presenting them with problem solving tasks, Common Core aligned activities, and high-interest text. 

I am always on the hunt for new apps, so please share what you might discover!

All Subject Areas

JogNog (free)

Reading/ ELA
AudioBoo (free)

Kids Vocab Mind Snacks (1.99)

Prankster Planet (free)

Grammaropolis (free) 

Type Drawing ($1.99)

My Story Book Creator for kids (3.99) 

Prankster Planet (free)

Math vs Zombies (free) ($4.99 version) 

Oh No! Fractions (free) 

Splash Math (free)

Bill Nye the Science Guy (free) 

Social Studies

Ansel and Clair ($4.99)

I also invite you to check out Best Apps for Kids for a more comprehensive list.

Free App Friday is another recommended site to visit.

Free App Friday

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